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m a l l s o l e u m
(1995, USA, 11 minutes, B&W, 16mm, stereo sound)

A stark and surreal journey into the dark, cavernous basement of the soul.  This is the cult film that started the Kinotonik legacy.  It was filmed inside an abandoned suburban shopping mall.  'Your trip to the mall ends here.'

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b o d y   g u l c h
(1997, USA, 65 minutes, B&W, 16mm, stereo sound)

Awarded 'Best Experimental Feature' at the 1997 Denver Underground Film Festival

Originally released under the title persistence of division, this phantasmagoric feature film shows the interconnections among mental, visceral and spiritual landscapes of lost love.

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o b l i q   o p t i k
(2002, USA, film loops, Color / B&W, 16mm triptych, sound)

This was a very special collaboration between record label Obliq Recordings and Kinotonik.  A visually stunning 16mm triptych played in synchronization with live music performances by Obliq recording artists Multicast and Crix Madine. Included an exhibition at the Denver Museum of Contemporary Art in 2002.

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s l e e p i n g   p i l l s
(2003, USA, 85 minutes, Color, 35mm, stereo sound)

Official Selection, 2003 Cairo International Film Festival

This is a feature-length motion picture about the search for paradise in suburban America and explores the conflict between our desires and needs.
The music soundtrack features some of the very best electronica artists: Testube, Project 12:01, Multicast, and Penetrator.

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n i g h t   o p t i k
(2004, USA, film loops, Color / B&W, 16mm, silent)

This project took shape every Thursday evening from April to October 2004 at a Denver nightclub, where cutting-edge IDM, industrial and power noise music was played. 16mm film loops provided visual stimulation for club-goers.